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How did the NFL start and evolve? PDF Print E-mail
NFL is the abbreviation of the National Football League. The NFL is the largest and the longest running football league in the United States of America. It consists of 32 teams and is mostly divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

There is always a super bowl at the end of each NFL season. In this super bowl, the winner of the AFC championship faces the winner of the NFC championship.

The NFL was mostly established due to the need of an organization that will lead to better organization and implement firm rules and can be viewed as professional. It was due to this reason that the NFL was born with the name American Professional Football Conference or the APFC.

It was mostly because of the chaos that surrounded the APFC regarding the eligibility requirements that the name of the league was changed to National Football League. It was in the year 1925, that the NFL gained more recognition and the recorded the largest crowd for a professional football game. get all the football knowledge you need at the fantasy sport review website.
2008 - Philadelphia Eagles - Great Defense PDF Print E-mail
Philadelphia Eagles in action. One of the greatest defenses in the NFL:
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Greatest Play Ever by the Eagles PDF Print E-mail

Wilbert Montgomery 42 yard TD run

Check out this video, of what in our eyes is one of the greatest plays ever. If you are already a Philadelphia Eagles fan, then you have probably already seen this, but if you are not from Philly and maybe just came across this while browsing the internet for amazing sports videos or while playing, then you will love this! Eagles fans are notoriously fierce and loyal. In a survey from Forbes, in 2006, it was noted that the fans filled 99.8 % of the seats in the stadium over the past decade! Now that's support for you!
Wilbert Montgomery played with the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions for nine years. He played eight seasons with Philadelphia, breaking nearly all of their rushing records and led the team in rushing six times. He holds seven Philadelphia rushing records. Over his NFL career, he accumulated 6,789 yards rushing, 2,502 receiving, 814 kickoff return yards, 57 touchdowns (45 rushing, 12 receiving, 1 kickoff return), and two Pro Bowl invitations (1978-79). So, as you can see he's a legendary player!
Philadelphia Eagles - Unbelievable Run PDF Print E-mail

One of the best plays in eagles history (4th n 26)!

People needs to be careful because Sports Addiction is bad. and when you do it in a Sixers Summer League it's definitely bad..
Philadelphia Eagles - 2008 Season Highlights PDF Print E-mail

Highlight from the Philadelphia Eagles 2008 season