Sports Live Odds: How it Really Works ? PDF Print E-mail
Betting in sport is also a type of gambling where along with adding excitement to the game you can win huge amount of money. The strategy of betting in sports is the same like any other gambling. You need to place money as wager and if your guess doesn’t work then the amount is lost. If you are lucky and you win then the wager is doubled. If you are new in the field of betting the first and the most important thing that you must know about sport betting is its odds and how it works. you can wager at an online sport site as there are many available, including USA sportsbooks, and worldwide sportsbooks. Here are the two sports live odds.

1.American style sport betting odd is the most common one and widely used. Here in the odd you will find a positive or negative sign before the number. If you find a negative sign before the number which means that placing wager on that number will not bring you huge money when win whereas the positive sign marks to more money but the chances of winning is less. Now, once you know the odd you need to calculate the amount that you need to place as wager. For example if the odd is -120 then your wager has to be 120 dollars.

2.Decimal style betting odd in sports is usually common in European countries. Here the odds come with a decimal like 2.5, 3.45 etc. This odd is easy to understand and thus new comers can also calculate the wager amount easily. All you need to do is multiply the amount of money you wish to start with as wager with the odd which means if the odd is 4.5 then multiply it by 100 dollars if you wish to bet using that amount.

There are many betting sites online and the best way of trying the game is playing through different sites, at least 2-3. You can also take experts help or read online betting guide to know more before trying your hands in gambling.