So, do the eagles have a future here ? PDF Print E-mail
The Philadelphia Eagles open the season in a storm, with a high octane offense, led by first year head coach Chip Kelly, the beaten the Redskins in the opening game of the season and looked sharp doing so. But off course, as it happens with the last few seasons in Philly, they quickly lost their mojos, and lost several games, and their quarterback, to go to mediocre again. That is, until recently.

Most sports sites never gave the eagles a chance, when Michael Vick got heart, but than came Nick Foles. The young second year QB, handles the situation very well, and the eagles, are on a winning streak, after beating yet again, the falling Washington Redskins, and now has a legitimate shot at the playoffs!, what turn of event, from last to first, the eagles are now on top of their division (which happened to be not so strong apparently) and with a 6-5 record mid season, all is possible in cheese steak land.

Michael Vick's days as an NFL quarterback are seems to be over. The guy just can't stay healthy on the field, and when you have a good replacement which produce results, it seems that Vick, with all of his history, will find hard time getting another shot at the position. So, the eagles, has some decisions to do, but they can certainly wait until the end of the season, to do that. Can Foles really be a legitimate answer at QB ?, although , as expected, he has some ups and downs in his game, the kid shows great poise in the pocket, and really strong arm.

The change is now in Philly, and the new coach wants to win, with whoever he can. Foles provides that answer, at least for now. Can he be long term solution? time will tell, but the eagles will certainly give him a fair chance, and so far, it seems to be working. And if the eagles do reach the playoffs, regardless of what will happen, it will be great achievement for an eagle team, successfully returning to contention, when no one thought they could.