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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 09:32
Peyton Manning’s estimated net worth is about $115 million. He is currently earning $18 million by playing with the Indianapolis Colts. His May 2010 to May 2011 earnings are about $26 million from playing for the Colts and endorsements.

His biggest endorsement deal is Reebok which earns him more than a million a year. To date, he is considered one of the highest paid football players in the NFL. In a few years, no doubt his net worth will go up a few million more.

Indianapolis Executives think that Manning is worth the money and he will bring better games and many more touchdowns. In his 12 year contract with the Colts, he had never missed a game and executives believe that he will be able to play that way for many more years.

When Manning hits the $30 million mark in 2016, he will be in his 40s and executives and many critics believe that he would still be worth that huge amount of money. He would be able to still deliver a good game. Manning has brought the Colts many Championships over the years he had been with the Indianapolis Colts. Go put yours odds ready up ahead, 888 bet uk will offer great prizes for those who bet right. You can check for their horse betting and get information such as Sportsbook Reviews on highlighted matches.
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