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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 13:43
It's playoff time!, the most wonderful time of the year is definitely upon us, and i'm not talking about the holidays.., Our beloved Eagles, with Michael Vick at the helm, will be tested in a highly anticipated playoffs match against a very very good Packers team. Will the Eagles prevail ? or do they need an early ticket to one of the events at the PGA Tour ?, as many of the professional football players already in Hawaii getting suntanned, the elite of the teams manage to go to the playoffs will battle it out.
So, here is a shutout to all the eagles players: before you go to play some Hawaii golf and continue with your lives after a long and hard season, you need to end it in the right way - win a Superbowl!, yes, i know - it's hard, but not every season you get a chance to do so, with a wonderful quarterback, a great defense, awesome fans (off course) and with the whole city behind you, why not ? , If the phillies did it in baseball (no offense) than you have a chance like any other team out there.
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