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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 11:33
Although the methodology information can vary, there were studies made attempting to rank thirty two fan bases in the NFL, Eagle fans are consistently place in the top among the best of the league. Those studies sometimes similar to online roulette in many ways, but some are worth reading. A regular study conducted by the American City Business Journals to determine the loyal fans of the NFL based on attendance related factors, the study showed the the Eagle Fans are incredibly loyal and filled %99.8 of the stadium seats in the previous decade, the Eagle fans were ranked in third place in both in 1999 and 2006, in a 2008 survey the Forbes placed the Eagle fans in 1st place while in the same year ESPN placed the Eagle fans in the fourth place in the league.Studies also show that there is a direct connection between the mood of the city fans and the team's performance. Good fans are like bingo sites, they can be there, and always surprise you..
Although there were incidents of "cruel behaviors" from fans such as picking fights and alcohol related violence, you can always count on them to be the greatest fans there are.
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